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Issue 05 – How to get started with WordPress

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Back in 2013, when I started learning about blogging. Blogspot and WordPress were the only 2 popular platforms that I found😀

Blogspot was fairly limited, whereas WordPress which is open-source, provides too much customization, and flexibility which attracted me🤩

Back then blogging used to be very popular, and attracted people for making passive income🤑

I wanted to start a blog too and thought if I do it, I will at least learn some WP basics along the way✌🏻

Not a bad idea right? 

So I started CG Valley and started writing about VFX, and animation there following a strict daily writing routine. I used a free theme and Jetpack plugin. 

(Don’t get me started on the Hello Dolly plugin)

I spent huge hours searching for the perfect theme or good plugins, downloading them on the flash drive, and playing with them. It got me interested in theme or plugin development👨🏻‍💻

Writing a blog was boring anyway 😛 

Upon search, I found following resources that helped me:

These resources helped me learn WordPress basics, and I’ve made several themes after that which I enjoyed a lot.

I know these days many people recommend using a page builder not the custom theme. However, it’s still relevant considering how the WordPress ecosystem has evolved from the addition of Gutenberg.

Back then, there were fewer resources and it was mostly from documentation but now there are so many available options. It has definitely gotten better.  

So what made you get started with WordPress? What resources helped you? 

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