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Issue 09 – You can work for FREE with clients

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If you’re good at something, never do it for free – It’s TOTAL Bullshit!


Yes, I said it. And I have a good reason why. 

Recently, a friend started a freelance business listing her services at a competitive price. Yes, she is pretty talented, but no one offered her any work. Exhausted, she came to me for a solution.

I viewed her #freelancing profile and advised her how to get greeeeat clients. 

If any of these conditions are true for you, stop reading and don’t waste your time:

  • You are working with your ideal clients. That is the clients who enjoy working with you. And who pays you respectfully and on time.
  • You have a decent portfolio. And people are seeking you out because of your vast experience, which means fantastic inbound traffic.
  • You do something that someone cannot buy with money. Like giving away hugs 🤗 

We live in a consumer era, true. And everything around us is monetized one way or another. And while it can get tempting to put a price label on everything, sometimes things simply don’t work out.

So Raunak, should I work hard for my clients for free? What the heck?

No, absolutely not. You should never work for free. But there are more important things than money.

Like trust.

Work for trust. For good faith. Build that trust into loyalty.

With loyalty comes valuable feedback, repeat business and most importantly – sales.

🤔 But where’s the money?

Let it come to you. Once you are experienced in the real world and are solving problems of real people. If you’re really good, people won’t mind paying you. If you’re not, then move to something else.

Everyone begins at some point. And it is not a walk in a park to land good clients.

Some walk. Some run.

We all are running a different race, and have our own paths.

You need credibility, a killer portfolio, and, more often than not – a brand 💎

Ps. With all due respect to Heath Ledger’s Joker, I don’t think the famous quote applies to anyone other than a Batman killer. Just saying.

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