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Issue 10 – Don’t be ashamed of raising your prices

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2013: 0

2014: $60 – $130

2015: $130 – $190

2016: $190 – $300

2017: $300 – $500

2018: $500 – $1k

2019: $1k – $3k

2020: $3k or more

Every year we slightly increased our prices for the website development.

Surprisingly, interesting things always happened since then πŸ‘‡πŸ»

  1. We attracted higher quality customers from reputed companies or industries.
  2. We slowly got rid of bad cheap clients eating our time who don’t need a website in the first place for their business.
  3. We upsell other services like SaaS, website care, explainer videos, and pitch deck which brought good profit and sustained us during the pandemic.
  4. We saved a lot of hours for the family, vacations, and other personal goals that were planned but never fulfilled.
  5. We attracted good recurring revenue, and talent to work with us.

Don’t be ashamed of raising your prices.

You might push away a lot of customers, but as a result, you will also attract the right size of customers to work with you and give you a good profit πŸ€‘

Stop saying, “I want at least 10 customers”, and start saying, “I want no more than 10 customers” βœ…

Some customers might say you are very expensive, they will get someone to do it cheap.

But what they don’t get is the same quality and talent that you are providing.

So, focus on the offering that you are providing, put the right price that will work out for you and customise it based on the budget and your limitations based on that budget πŸ’ͺ🏻

Your price hikes don’t have to spell disaster.

I recommend, raising prices slightly every quarter or year with some % than raising it 5x or 10x times upfront.

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