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Issue 11 – Read this if you want to switch your 9-5 job to freelancing

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I’ve been asked this question frequently by friends working on a 9-5 job. 

However, as easy switching may seem it can get scary if not planned properly. 

Don’t rush it ✋🏻

I don’t recommend leaving a job immediately, instead focusing on freelancing after 9-5 or during weekends. This way you will have at least some financial backup before you fully transition. 

Or at least have some backup funds with you. 

It will give you some time & peace of mind building up a steady stream of clients without panicking about your child’s school fees.

You don’t have to become a successful freelancer on day one or even month one.

Assuming that you have reviewed your skills, planned on the services you will provide and the rates. 

What’s next? Upwork? Fiverr?


You know the biggest mistake people do is immediately start creating profiles on freelancing websites and forget the competition. 

Even if you have a very nice-looking profile, and good work, unless you are some top-rated freelancer or have a success of 80% and up it’s very hard that clients will notice you. 

You can try doing the bid but again chances of winning are pretty slim compared to top freelancers. 

If I were you I wouldn’t go through this much pain and instead focus on other alternatives. 

Such as partnering with service-based agencies for 3 prime reasons:

– To create a steady stream of clients

– Portfolio, and case studies for exposure

– Connections

Many service-based agencies started outsourcing client projects to freelancers/contractors for various service offerings. 

If you have experience, skills, and you are confident you can pull off the work then give it a try.

You can do it part-time or full-time, it’s entirely up to you but this way you don’t have to worry about finding clients or doing the bid as they do it for you. 

The only thing you will need to focus on is your deliverables, and honing your skills. 

Over the years in What a Story we hired/fired many people but the freelancers we hired gave us the best results and helped us greatly during the pandemic. 

Some agencies have strict NDA so you can’t share the project in your portfolio but some do. 

So, make sure to discuss all the legal formalities and portfolio Qs. This part is very important as there are both good and bad agencies that can also harm you.

To find them, just do a quick LinkedIn search, and have a dialogue. Don’t spam! 

You will be surprised by the massive talent demand 😲

Also, keep an eye out for the job postings & see if it’s a good fit for you.

Again, freelancing is not for everyone & that’s completely okay.

Sometimes, due to social pressure, we feel the problem is with the 9-5 job and going freelance is the option but it’s actually commitment, maintaining consistency, & dealing with boredom.

And worse, not having a dialogue with your boss regarding your goals because you are afraid of what they might say, or do.

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